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  • Образование Высшее
  • Опыт работы 7
  • Категория Инженерия
  • Расположение Bakı, Азербайджан
  • Телефон +994 70 393 94 95
  • E-Mail imran.salimov@mail.ru
  • Пол М
  • Зарплата AZN 1000

A highly motivated, confident manager with
exceptional multi–taskingand organizational skills. Possessing a significant
record of achievement in accountmanagement and able to quickly understand the
mission, vision and values of any organization. Ability to negotiate, build long-term relationships with customers. Ability to work with a large amount of information.
Communicative, honest, responsible, loyal and
serious at work and behavior.Logical thinking, communicating skills.
Excellent organizational skills, ability to multi-task and organize others

Опыт работы

RAMCO MMCQC manager, Director assistant, test manager


Engineer for water supply and sewerage (by jointrn engineer for quality control)

Prepare reports on the quality of work

Provide weekly and monthly reports for top managers onrn performance

Maintain the quality of documentation in the current state

Responsible for reviewing and updating the programmedrn quality plans

Establishment of sewage tests and drinking waterrn supply networks

Preparation Test documentation: testrn cases, test plans, etc

Preparation of preliminary documentation for the commission.rn Responsible for maintaining all aspects of management of ongoing work

Provide process documentation and operatingrn instructions

Prioritize material, workers, staff andrn contractors needs, and reported to the project manager

Carrying out all transportation servicesrn in construction area

Ministry of Emergency SituationsEngeneer

Supervision of Building Construction Standards (СНИП)

Check the condition of old building

2015- present day
Tural 110 FirmDirector assistant

     Obtaining the necessary spare parts for the refinery Preparation of documents and contracts     Storekeeper     • Controlling the fuel purchase and sales at the petrol station      • Monitoring of the procedures at the petrol station      • Arranging meetings      • Conducting other management instructions      • Clerical workrn 


Driving license -B ( own car- +)
Office programms


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