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Nijat Rustamov

  Quality Control Manager for Barattson LLC
  44 J. Jabbarli street
Dear all,  First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I'm Nijat Rustamov. I have successfully accomplished my Bachelor Degree in Administrative Management at the Academy of the State Security Service with «Honor» Diploma (I got the «Presidential Scholarship named after Heydar Aliyev» for my exemplary study).There had an agreement between the Coast Guard of Azerbaijan Republic and the US Coast Guard (their duty was to improve of our newly created Coast Guard) during my first working place. I knew English better than others, therefore, the government sent me to the USA for 15 months for different courses and trainings. Of course, my first duty was to learn English language. Thereafter, I participated in different leadership and management courses (I received special certificates and diplomas of successful completion).Furthermore, I was sent to Turkey (3 times), Latvia and Spain to participate in different conferences and trainings. That’s helped me to improve my abilities and outlook. As indicated in the attached resume, I have graduated from the University of Economics, MBA (Specialization: General) Master’s degree in April 2018.In my previous roles, I exercised a calculated and methodical approach to problem solving. I am independently motivated, yet I appreciate team efforts and collaborate productively within groups. In addition, I would like to point out that I am fluent in Russian and professional user of English language. I have strong communication and clerical skills and I am computer literate. I am working on improving myself, personally and at work.I attended «ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor» course and got the certificate with «Successfully completed».Lastly, I would like to point out that I’m currently searching for a new opportunities in administrative or quality management fields. I am ready to put my expertise to work for the benefit of your Company!

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  • Язык Русский
  • Язык Турецкий
  • Образование Высшее
  • Опыт работы 12
  • Категория Аудит
  • Расположение Bakı, Азербайджан
  • Телефон (+994)702174799
  • E-Mail rustamovnijat@gmail.com
  • Пол М
  • Зарплата AZN 500

Опыт работы

2017/up to now
Barattson LLCQuality Control Manager


▪ Setting customer service standards

▪ Assessing customer requirements and ensuring that these are met

▪ Working with operating staff to establish procedures, standards, systems and procedures

▪ Writing management reports and customers’ charters

▪ Acting as a catalyst for change and improvement in performance and quality

▪ Monitoring performance

▪ Supports and participate to all the internal audits

▪ Evaluates the qualifications of teachers and employees regard to the activities assigned

▪ Implementation of the ISO 9001 2015 standard at Company


Microsoft Office 2016
Microsoft Outlook
Internet Explorer/Chrome


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